Rose is a sturdy F1 mini Goldendoodle, topping the scales at 40 pounds. Her Mom is a Golden Retriever and Dad a mini Poodle. She is very alert and active, and will freely roam the property if we let the gate to the exercise yard open. However, she knows her name and will come running back to us upon our call! Rose has a history of raising large, healthy litters. She is genetic health tested, and test results are available upon request.


Hailey was adopted in 2021. She is a 45-pound F1B mini Goldendoodle with exceptional conformation and personality. Her Mom is an F1 mini Goldendoodle and Dad a mini Poodle. She is serious about being friends with anyone, and often stands on her hind legs with her head snuggled in my chest for a head rub while we “have a conversation”.